Separation/extraction of sources are wide concepts in information sciences, since sensors provide signal mixing and an essential step consists in separating/extracting useful information from unuseful one, the noise. The project addresses three challenges....

  • Decoda

    Multi-Way factor Analysis is attracting growing interest in many disciplines of engineering. Because the applications are much more numerous than those that serve as focus for this project, the tools developed in the framework of the project will have major impact. MWA is probably the simplest extension of the well-known (linear) Factor Analysis. However, despite its extremely wide panel of applications and its apparently simple expression, it still, surprisingly, lacks theoretical background. The reason is that this identification problem disguises challenges of unexpected magnitude. In fact, several tensor problems still remain open for several decades, and the difficulties should not be overlooked. Yet, the lack of identifiability results (existence, uniqueness) prevents the design of efficient numerical algorithms....

  • iCub

    Suivi des activités logicielles (code, procédures des démos et expérimentations) sur le robot Nina

  • C-GMR

    Cascaded Gaussian Mixture Regression

  • OculoNimbus

    Equipe Action du Labex Persyval


    La plate-forme RIESCO1, a pour vocation le prototypage et l’enseignement des systèmes complexes à l’aide de techniques de radio-logicielle.
    Ces nouveaux moyens d’expérimentation répondent aux besoin de nombreux travaux d’enseignement et de recherches réalisés au sein du GIPSA-lab....

  • Support

    Ce projet contient la documentation technique de la plate-forme Redmine du GIPSA-lab. Les éventuelles anomalies et demandes d’évolution peuvent être reportées via le gestionnaire de tickets...

  • Labo au quotidien

    Astuces pour la vie au quotidien dans le labo : comment se connecter, quels infrastructures informatiques à notre disposition, etc.

    This is a page containing hints about live in the laboratory : you’ll find some suggestions about which computer facilities exist, how to connect, ......

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